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I can provide what you need to get your website up and running. That can range from providing help and advice to a complete build and go live service.

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Collaborative Approach

I need to know how far along you are with your thinking so I have a lot of questions. Who are your customers? What do you want the website to do for your business? Have you thought about a domain name? Do you have a logo? Have you ideas on branding? Who are your competitors? Are there any websites you like? We decide at this stage if we can work together. If not, I can give you some good advice on your way forward.
At this stage we start sketching out what you want on each page and how to lay it out. You will need to provide the text, I can't do that for you. Images are very important as this will grab visitors attention. How will you interact with customers? We begin the conversation on getting high ranking in search engines.
It's important you understand how we decide on the hosting company because this is a 12 month subscription. Then we can get going. I present different layouts and designs and you can decide on what you like. What have you seen on other websites that you really like? We get into the detail on fonts and colour schemes. This will be a fast moving process as I can amend web pages in hours and you can review them.
We finalise the text and images and I focus on performance and search engine optimisation. We agree on a go live date and I get you signed up to an online tool that will provide analytics. Time to submit your site to Google and allow it to work its magic. Getting on that first page of Google results will be the aim. I provide documentation on how to edit and update the site but I can offer support if you require it. Finally I set up a staging site and ensure backups are working
website design is a collaborative process

Charles is exceedingly good at listening to what you want and taking your ideas on board

I came to Charles with a very basic idea, he turned this into an extremely well designed site. The site is not only very attractive and engaging in design but it is exceedingly user friendly. He also has ensured high Google ratings & great speeds.

- Becky Merrill Ears Cleared

A good website is utterly integral to a business and XMS services are outstanding in web design

I highly recommend Charles at XMS services this is a 5 out of 5 rating for a quality product but also in relation to Charles and the way he worked with me in order to achieve my website vision. He is an outstanding web designer and builder.

- Becky Merrill Ears Cleared


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